Let me be mad...... ...mit über 250 Sorten Absinth
Let me be mad.........mit über 250 Sorten Absinth



Guitarist. Songwriter. Vocalist.

„After nearly three decades of playing the guitar and writing songs in rockbands, playing countless gigs with a full band lineup letting my ears bleed, it apperars that one day I found myself buying an acoustic guitar and to write and play solo acoustic songs. Songs for the broken. But my roots still are what they´ve ever been:“ -

Classical independent artist with a tendency to dark melancholy, tragedy and dreaming. Sounds, produced with acoustic as well as with electric guitars, sometimes consistently use of effect devices and thus not following the ascetic purism of classical singer-songwriters. The voice, also an instrument, penetrated by the spirit of doubt: sometimes clear and melodious, sometimes brittle and complaining, sometimes hard and rough and cold. No poet, rather a seeker in the space between the tones and the sound, thus encrypting messages, knowing that there may be different, partly paradoxical interpretations.

In Febuary 2019 LEDING released his debut album „Lucid Dreams“. During his live shows of “Lucid Dreams Tour” he is partly accompanied by percussion.


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