Let me be mad...... ...mit über 250 Sorten Absinth
Let me be mad.........mit über 250 Sorten Absinth

Blackie Blue Bird

Blackie Blue Bird

‘"GHOST RIVER is a subterranean river of memories running under our city. Above, we live our lives behind doors and windows, with all our hopes and dreams, victories and defeats. We are like willows - constantly following the river and living the fate that awaits us

BlackieBlueBird is a Danish dreampop duo from the cold and windy streets of Copenhagen

It’s Heidi Lindahl on vocals and Nils Lassen composing all of the material.

They met in the summer of 2017 and started devolping the dreamy drumless cinematic sound that finally made it’s way to listeners around the globe on the album ‘Ghost River'.

BlackieBlueBird  is now touring as a 4 piece band.

Heidi Lindahl : Vocals and guitar

Nils Lassen : Guitar

Helle Hartz : Vocals and glockenspiel

Jens Grunberger Lützen : Bass


and still no drumming….

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