Let me be mad...... ...mit über 250 Sorten Absinth
Let me be mad.........mit über 250 Sorten Absinth

A Splendid Steampunk Spectacular

Steampunk Records,  Set up in 2010 as a Not For Profit Co-op, to promote Steampunk Music, and to help bands release Phsical CD's Now with 42 Bands on Board, It Bring's a Showcase Event to the Sixtina, as Part of W.G.T.

A Wonderful Lineup, Headlined by BB BlackDog 

Celebrating their 11th Year, with the release of Their 5th Album, BB BlackDog have Appeared everywhere from Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, Denver, Berlin London Amsterdam, and at almost every Large Gothic and Steampunk event across Europe, Honing a very original and Tight Live set, a 3 Piece Featuring only 2 Bass guitars, Vocals and a small Drum Kit, Definitely an experience not to be Missed.




Special Guest Stars.

Feline and Strange 

Too real for many. Too intense for most. Too good to miss. Capt'n Feline and Chief Strange have been trying to contact their home planet for years now - to no avail, the aid of the fold-up cello, the synthetic piano, and Feline's interstellar voice nonwithstanding. Now, they get angry. Darker and scarier they return from their travels all across Europe (even UK) and the U.S., and bring their Electro Wave Cabaret from Berlin directly in your face. And a brand new 5th album: OUT (feat. The Dresden Dolls´ Brian Viglione), released in Spring 2017.



Plus Many More special attractions, Walking acts and All compared by the Most wonderful.

La Dutchessa



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